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Product Overview Silverfall

About the game

Between the peaks, passes and needles of Nelwe, immense valleys spread as vast as countries. These valley-kingdoms are interconnected by desolate plateaus, rocky abysses, and narrow canyons with great roaring rivers rushing through them. Since the dawn of time, the inhabitants of the valleys, humans, trolls, elves and goblins alike, have relied on the wizards of air, water, earth and fire. But the ancient tradition has run its time...

From the peaks of Silverfall the Fair to the eternal mists of Cloudworks, players will face quests that will take them far and wide in the battle against the advent of the order of darkness. Numerous companions will share your adventure and use their powers to help you as best they can in your fight against Death-Shadow and his allies.

Set in a fantasy realm, this action RPG feautures vast gameplay worlds to play through as customizable characters from one of four different races. It features over 150 monster types, multiplayer (co-op and adversarial), and advanced graphics technology.

Key features

  • Duality nature / technology
  • Free Evolutions of your person
  • Original and successful Realization

System Requirements

Windows - Minimum
  • Processor : Athlon / Pentium IV - 2000 MHz
  • Graphic card : 128 Mo, Compatible DirectX 9
  • Sound Card compatible DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher

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