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Kim Possible: Legend of the Monkey’s Eye is an exciting, real time, 3D action game featuring everyone’s favorite world-saving cheerleader, Kim Possible, and her awesome friends. Join Kim for six levels of nonstop adventure through three exotic locations. Battle tons of Monkey Ninjas and robots to defeat Monkey Fist and save the world from eternal monkeydom.

Here’s the sitch! Monkey Fist has discovered the most potent mystic monkey power of all – the Monkey’s Eye! With the force of the Monkey’s Eye, Monkey Fist is plotting to create an evil ape empire by transforming every human into a monkey! So not the drama. Kim Possible is here to defeat Monkey Fist and save the world from eternal monkeydom. This world-saving cheerleader will kick, punch, and jump her way through six different levels battling Monkey Ninjas and Mecha-Monkeys in three unique locations. Power-up by picking up teleporter mini-cells, static shields, Bueno Nacho Tacos, and teleporter power cores to gain strength over dreaded enemies. Defeat Monkey Fist and steal back the Monkey’s Eye to save mankind from totally chimping out!
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    • 6 Levels & 3 Locations – Travel to the Southeast Asian Jungle, the Swiss Alps, and a High-Tech Factory for six heart-pumping levels full of nonstop action and adventure
    • Exciting Boss Battles – Battle Monkey Fist and the Master Mecha Monkey in three epic boss battles
    • Special Items – Gain access to new areas by utilizing the stun shot and grappling hook or send Rufus into narrow places to grab power-ups or hit switches
    • Cool Power-Ups – Power-up to kick extra monkey tail by collecting the static shield, teleporter cores, teleporter mini-cells, and Bueno Nacho Tacos
    • Familiar Faces – Join Kim Possible and her cool friends—Ron Stoppable, Wade Load, and Rufus to battle tons of Monkey Ninjas and Mecha-Monkeys in order to defeat Monkey Fist and save the world
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Price: €19.95
Category: Action
Language: English
Size: 17.9 Mb
Download time
ADSL 2048 : 9s
ADSL 1024 : 18s
ADSL 512 : 36s
Modem 56k : 5min28s
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 System requirements
    • Windows ME/2000/XP
    • Pentium III 800MHz CPU
    • 128 MB RAM
    • 80 MB free hard disk space
    • 16 MB 3D graphics card
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