Pakoombo is a delightful puzzle adventure for all ages.

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Product Overview Pakoombo

On a distant island a small hotel is at stake. Its owner is selling the hotel and ditching its main employee and his 3 kids. What the owner does not know is that the kids found a map that may lead them to a treasure and to the purchase of the hotel.

Aided by the great spirits of the island, PAH, KOM and BOH, the kids will find themselves on a great adventure while they discover their past in order to save their future. Did you think the loss of their homes was a great deal?

They are being chased by a strange coconut monster that is also looking for the treasure. The monster scared half the island and the ones who stayed will help the kids finding their treasure and not allowing the evil Mr Lyar to sell the hotel.


  • Dozens of quests: the player will find during the game several main quests, that will tell the story and dozens of secondary quests that will aid her in some way.
  • Comic story line: The player will see a comic story being told on quest's dialogs or on beautiful comic like animations.
  • 3 characters to play with: the player can use any of the kids in the island to play, each one will have a unique ability (gift) to face the dangers the island will show.

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